how to add onesignal push message मैं wordpress ब्लॉग /site

How to inseart onesignal push message in wordpress blog/site , hi friends .today i tell you through this post of have a onesignal push notification, how to use it in wordpress site/blog .in adding this blog will increase traffic ,

whereas is main target point blogging of many visitors come to our site,becouse the many reders will come our site ,so much will be the earning of our blog (site).AS ,you must know of what do bloggers do for increase blog tarffic.

if also want to incrase traffic to your blog,so plz inseart this plugin our in wordpress site.

this plugin is very useful an for wordpress site/blog,this is main purpose this content,if you want increase traffic you blog so please follow to some tricks.just down,How to inseart onesignal push message notification

what is onesignal push message notification?

Onesignal message notification is simple way email to sand.which through we aney reders to can sand information about new posts. and through which we can increase traffic to your will only then,How to inseart onesignal push message

when your blog post in good information.becouse when you have good knowledge in your blog post .so is straight talk,reders are do subscribe to your blog onesignal push message notification to through,

so friends you have understood,what this is and why is this important to my blog.

how to use onesignal push message in wordpress blog

this is post only wordpress blogger ,in this next post,you will tell about to blogger blog.if you to blog wordpress platform ,so please red this post. Becouse this post going to be very usefule for you. i will recommend for you of complate red to this post all step one by one.

Step 1 :-

First we need to make a account in onesignal push website , so first we create an account, To create a account on onesignal,we will need an email id, you do not have email id ,so please visit this link ”(ईमेल id कैसे बनाए ?’)

By clicking on this link before to make email id, so i hope that your email id has become.first we do start your computer after reopen aney web browser. types this words , ,aney problam access this website .

how to inseart onesignal push message in wordpress site.

so please clicking on this link (onesignal पर अकाउंट बनाए )as soon as you click on this site link, likewise redirect on this site home page.

Step 2:-

you will have a login options in this home page side bar,just now click on login options next just now open a new popup page that page you will find a buttion sing up

,just now click on sing up buttion,as soon as you click on this buttion and linkewise open a new page.How to inseart onesignal push message

in this page shows 4 type box,inseart right informesion in all box one by one,as you now people ,which in box inseart information. but i would like to tell you fill in which box.

onesignal push notifiaction.
  • enter you email id in first box.
  • Inseart new password minium 8 charcter in second box.
  • Confiram password in third options.
  • company ( 0) and website/blog name in fourth options.
  • i agree onesignal check in box.

After all information fileup ,just now click on creat account options

Step 3:-

Now aur has become account in onesignal push notification you going to login wordpress site, and click on this plugin buttion in deshboard soon as you click on plugin option ,likewise new popup page open you face.

click on add new ,likewise you face open new plugine search page. do type words onesignal push in search box.and research ,if you search ,you will get a onesingle plugin. just now install and active thish plugin.And reback goin in wordpress deshbord,

next click on thish onesignal push plugin at we will have to login onesignal to you account.for which will we have to enter email and password,with click on login buttion.

Likewise will open a new page ,and click on add app .reopen a new popup wich you have to enter blog/site name,xyz wtatever, and click on Add App ,

likewise open new page,where you will be asked of you which configured platform. we selected web push platform.And click on next,open new page ,but now we have three options.

but we have to click on the second options.after this,we will be asked,your site is on platform,we will select wordpress.becouse this post for wordpress .

now we have to setup site, we will get 3 options type box set up the site.

  1. Add site name on first options.
  2. Add site url on seconed option.
  3. if you have aney icon then uplod it form on third point.
  4. if your site is not HTTPS than open it.

Now click save buttion,as soon as click on save ,likewise open a new which we will get 2 id app to configure.which we have to add wordpress.

1 aap id copy first aap id and return wordpress site.reopen onsignal push plugin,and select configuration options.

First you have to paste in the box with aap id, (2) app id copey and return wordpress site open onesignal plugin and select configration option.second you have to paste in the box with aap id.

And click just dipli down on save buttion,next return onesignal push message acccount and then going to configure web push now click on Finish option.

Now your bloghas been fully add onesignal push notification to the blog .

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